The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital

We are delighted to be working with The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital to provide professional security services.

Our security staff are used to enhance and complement the existing security measures at the Hospital and ensure all visitors and employees can enjoy a safe working environment. We have developed a team of well trained and motivated security officers who undergo regular external tests to ensure they are delivering the most effective levels of security.

The contract has enabled us to offer local employment to people in Aylesbury and enhances our existing portfolio of prestigious customers in the town and throughout the county of Buckinghamshire.
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A Recipe For Disaster – The Risk of Eroding Margins
A Recipe For Disaster – The Risk of Eroding Margins

Graham Tilly, Managing Director of Risk Management Security Services, discusses eroding margins in the security industry, the dangers this poses to companies and how this phenomenon has started to impact mobile patrols and keyholding services.


Who are NSI? What checks are included before the NSI award certification? Why should I use RISK - An NSI Gold approved company?

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