Security Officer of the Quarter Award

Here is why Bob Bamford won…

Whilst summer is now here it is easy to forget the volume of snow that hit us in the lead up to Christmas 2017.

Many businesses can simply send staff home and work remotely or close the office and make snowmen with the family.

In the world of security, services continue and, in many cases, requirements increase due to increased risk and lack of staff in buildings.

This year was particularly tough and at Westcott Business Park and the surrounding area, the weather took hold and made it extremely difficult for people to either enter or leave the site.  Bob Bamford is part our team on site and took it upon himself to go over and above the call of duty to work extra hours, ensuring the site was fully manned and protected at all times.  Security was uninterrupted due to the sterling efforts of Bob and both we and our client recognise this through the award.

Thank you, Bob!


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A Recipe For Disaster – The Risk of Eroding Margins

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