Security Officer of the Quarter Award

Security Officer Saves Life of Skateboarder.

Most of us conduct our days’ work undertaking the role required with little or no drama.  However, there are occasions when something happens that is not in the script.

Whilst on duty within a town centre office building, Security Officer Ajit Chopra (Jay), was presented with a huge challenge.  A member of the public who had been skateboarding fell on a broken bottle severely severing main arteries up his arm.  This occurred 150 meters from where Jay works and a friend of the skater rushed him over to the office with blood being lost at a frighteningly rapid rate.  Jay had to do something!  Without delay he took control of the situation and immediately applied pressure to the wound doing all he could to stem the bleeding whilst, at the same time, keeping the injured person calm and constantly re-assuring him that paramedics were on the way.

Paramedics did arrive and took over from Jay and after they had stabilised the patient, they made it very clear, that without the intervention and swift actions of our officer the young boy would have almost certainly died from the amount of blood he had already lost.

This is truly outstanding work and certainly deserves the recognition that Jay has received.








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A Recipe For Disaster – The Risk of Eroding Margins

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