Christmas Security Tips

1) Do not leave expensive presents under the Christmas tree. It takes a burglar less than a minute to bag your gifts and leave

2) Do not leave packaging on show near your dustbin advertising your expensive goods to burglars

3) Do not leave your house in total darkness; use a timing light or leave a couple of lights on when you go out/overnight

4) Be careful to not exceed your drinking levels and do not get separated from your drinking group

5) Do not drink/drug drive. Use a taxi, public transport or take a lift from someone you know

6) Do not try drugs to enhance your Christmas experience

7) Do not accept work or gifts off door knockers

8) Do not buy items off shop lifters, it is a criminal offence

9) Always make sure your purse/wallet is in front of you whether in your pocket or bag

10) If somebody you do not know randomly starts talking to you. Make sure an accomplice is not taking your purse out of your bag

11) Do not keep your bank card and pin number together as before you know it a dishonest person will have spent your hard earned cash

12) Finally enjoy your Christmas, New Year and anything else you are celebrating this and stay safe!


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