What are the Benefits of a Combined Security Solution & How can RISK help?


What is a Combined Security Service?

A combined security solution is often provided through one organisation or system that can supply different security services catered to you. A bespoke package can offer a complete solution that includes a variety of services such as security guarding, keyholding, alarm response, patrol service and security systems. This system is often referred to as an Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) as it offers the management of all aspects of an organisation’s security.

Larger corporations may need higher security and therefore multiple solutions. This is why a bespoke service is tailored to help you find the correct combination of services that suit your operation.

Combined Security Services

What are the benefits of a combined security solution?

Investing in a combined security solution package will reduce the hassle and time of having to communicate with multiple contractors for different services. This means you will have one point of contact that will be able to answer any queries related to the security services provided to you. This includes the benefit of being able to instantly see what is going on within the facilities and areas of work in your business due to the centralised operation. So, the major benefit is that you can view and discuss all services and systems via one company that provides a combined security service.

Integrated security solutions are cost efficient as they offer a more proactive security strategy and over time reduce the business expenditures. The management of multiple security solutions through one system or business saves money and is effectively easier to handle as it helps to eliminate some of the costly manual processes. Many businesses have acknowledged that it can be more beneficial to use a combined security service due to the lower upfront cost and the increase in efficiency.

Time efficiency is also increased with the use of combined security services. Having one point of contact as stated before massively cuts down time spent on communicating with multiple different contractors or with multiple security systems on different platforms. Being able to have a bespoke combination of security services is time efficient as it offers a complete system that results in effective levels of security and thus reduced incidents. Dealing with security breaches and incidents is time-consuming and can also be costly.

How can RISK help?

At RISK Management we offer a combined security service that can be customised for your operation. Our complete security package combines many of our different services, some of which include the following:

RISK Management can tailor the security package to your specific needs and ensure the level of security provided is commensurate with your business/industry and caters for measures of contingency that are always essential when managing security. RISK will be your point of contact and will manage all of the security services that you choose, this will help save time as we will be available to help you with any security needs.

At RISK Management we can assure you will see the benefits of our bespoke packages as we have many years of industry experience and are an SIA approved contractor. We have many examples where we have implemented our combined security solutions package that has resulted in businesses and companies across the UK experiencing the benefits of year on year savings whilst maintaining effective levels of security. This has resulted in our Combined Security packages being a popular choice for big corporations and businesses that require an efficient and flexible service.

If you are looking for a security package that is combined with the services that YOUR organisation needs then contact RISK Management today. We can help you improve time efficiency, cost and reduce any hassle as we will manage your services in one centralised area and we will be your one point of contact.


Tim Ward-Barber Retires after 19 Years’ Service
Tim Ward-Barber Retires after 19 Years’ Service

Tim joined Risk Management in March 2001 and was assigned to work at our contract with DAF Trucks.

Did you know… Security Officers are now deemed Critical and Key Workers?
Did you know… Security Officers are now deemed Critical and Key Workers?

On Friday 20th March, calls were made from various associations in the security industry for the UK Government to clarify the status of security professionals under its list of key and critical workers.

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