Keeping Business Parks safe with RISK Management Security Services

The management of Business Parks is tough work. There is so much to consider – be it theft, protection of assets or youths gathering in vehicles! Keeping a discerning eye over what goes on in and around the park is paramount to maintaining a high level of security.

Therefore, developing a team of well trained and highly functioning security staff supported by a professional security organisation such as Risk Management Security Services is important.

Maintaining security during office hours on a business park is as important as during the silent hours. Many criminal activities take place during the day such as hostile reconnaissance, walk-in theft, vehicle crime and criminal damage. There is also an ever-present risk of traveller movement as well as interest from activist groups depending on the tenants that occupy the park.

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Security Services for Business Parks

There are many ways in which we can help business park owners protect their assets. The following is a list of security systems for business solutions:

Types of Crimes that Happen on Business Parks

Business parks vary from single access controlled facilities where a barrier entrance restricts access, to large open business parks where access is unrestricted:

  • Theft – Having a 24-hour guarding presence on a business park is one of the most effective methods of deterring crime and providing an early warning should there be signs of criminal activity
  • Unauthorised Access – many criminals will enter a business park with the sole intention of conducting research and hostile reconnaissance
  • Unwanted cars/people – People will sit in their cars and cause disturbances which can get irritating. Having security guards move them on will help bring order to the business park

Why have Business Park Security?

There are copious reasons why having a security service on your business park will give you an upper hand against any opportunistic criminals and act as an early warning for serious business disruption events, such as fire and flood.

Here are some examples of why you should consider having a security service in your business park:

  • Keeping property safe – Having round the clock security will put your mind at rest and help reduce crime and provide alerts should incidents occur
  • Safety of staff – when arriving and leaving the business park, members of staff are at risk and vulnerable to anyone that could be within the immediate area. A regular patrolling security officer also provides a visual comfort to tenants on the park.
  • Fire Safety – Sometimes unexpected incidents occur such as fires which can be avoided. Business park security is not only out to protect the area from crime but also to prevent and detect fire.
  • Access Control – Having business park security keeps track of who is in the park; therefore this will prevent unauthorised personnel from gaining access.

If you are interested in having a new security service for your business park, please call RISK Management Security Services on (01494) 441805.

Our strength lies in our reliability and commitment to customer service. As a highly experienced company within the business park sector, we aim to provide high-quality, reliable security solutions.

We also have the ability to provide a total combined solution through effective integration of manpower and technology ensuring that both elements dovetail effectively to provide the most effective means of security.

Where existing security teams are in place we have vast experience in managing TUPE transfers and supporting those officers to create a highly functioning and effective team.

Our security solutions can be customised to match the specific needs of your industry or sector. Through our experience and design, we will provide a security service that minimises the impact upon your business whilst providing effective levels of protection.


Include home security in your holiday planning
Include home security in your holiday planning

On Friday 31 March we held our much delayed Christmas lunch where the award for Employees Employee of the Year was announced.

Security officer of the quarter for Q1 of 2024
Security officer of the quarter for Q1 of 2024

Security Officer of the Quarter for Q1 2024 is Michael Mrzyglod for dealing with a profoundly serious first aid incident.

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