NSI Gold – What Does It Mean?

Who are NSI?

NSI stands for National Security Inspectorate. They are recognised as the leading certification body for the security sector in the UK. This means they monitor and audit their approved companies to ensure they are maintaining the high standards required to achieve the certificate originally.

The NSI have been doing this for a number of years and their ambition is to raise standards and provide businesses who choose NSI approved companies the reassurance and peace of mind that they are getting the best service available on the market.

The NSI website explains NSI Gold as the following:

Builds on product Certification to incorporate Quality Management System Certification.

The combination of the Quality Management Systems and the relevant sector specific product or service represents the Gold standard of certification.  This level holds the greatest perceived value across industry and by the police, fire and rescue services and insurers.”

What checks are included before the NSI award certification?

Companies who are successful in their accreditation have voluntarily asked NSI to audit their business and ensure that their products and services comply with industry standards. These are the types of things that NSI check on:

    • The Company is financially viable – NSI checks the companies finances
    • Director and Senior Management checks
    • The 24-Hour Control Centre complies to BS 7499
    • It has all the necessary insurances
    • The owners/managers are of good repute
    • The company operates from a suitable and secure premises
    • Appropriate means of dealing with complaints is in place
    • The company operates in industry best practice – compliance with British Standards 
    • A process for regularly checking keys exists and they are stored securely 
    • Documented instructions must be in place for all services
    • Vehicles are appropriate and kept in good condition

Why should I use RISK? An NSI approved company?

There are a number of benefits to using an NSI approved company. Some of the benefits include the following:

  1. 1: All staff are vetted so you know whoever comes to your business or home has been security screened to British Standard 7858
  2. 2: Processes exist for all areas of the business – ISO9001
  3. 3: Insurers may require security services to be delivered by an NSI approved company
  4. 4: It demonstrates a commitment to providing a correct and proper service
  5. 5: The checks included within the annual audit demonstrate to customers that they are a proper company and operate in an open and transparent manner


Tim Ward-Barber Retires after 19 Years’ Service
Tim Ward-Barber Retires after 19 Years’ Service

Tim joined Risk Management in March 2001 and was assigned to work at our contract with DAF Trucks.

Did you know… Security Officers are now deemed Critical and Key Workers?
Did you know… Security Officers are now deemed Critical and Key Workers?

On Friday 20th March, calls were made from various associations in the security industry for the UK Government to clarify the status of security professionals under its list of key and critical workers.

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