Go Karting!

We were delighted to qualify to take part in the Teamsport indoor karting championship for the 200cc category.

This event is hotly contested and whilst we didn’t make the podiums we did register the second fastest lap with Matt from IT recording a truly exceptional time.  In fact, so fast, the number of his kart came off!

Katie was a true superstar behind the wheel and clearly has a heavy right foot whilst Beth was overcome, on many occasions, with “red mist” whilst she carved her way through the field.

Atif was a man possessed behind the wheel and many times forgot where the break was, but still made it around every corner, although he must have been pulling about 2G!

Jez approached the event with vigour and clocked some excellent times, managing to gain us many places during the race.  Did we really give him a company car!

It was a great event and thank you to our team of racers who did so well.


A Recipe For Disaster – The Risk of Eroding Margins
A Recipe For Disaster – The Risk of Eroding Margins

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