Did you know… Security Officers are now deemed Critical and Key Workers?

On Friday 20th March, calls were made from various associations in the security industry for the UK Government to clarify the status of security professionals under its list of key and critical workers. Since then, IFSEC Global understands that the current definition does include an array of security roles – the latest update came from the SIA on 26th March (see full details here).

“Roles essential to supporting law and order, with the potential to reduce demand on policing, also meet the critical worker definition. This would include, amongst other areas, the guarding of empty or closed commercial, retail or office premises; the monitoring of similar through CCTV or other remote means; and the provision of alarm response centres including mobile units.”

Why are Security officers ‘Key’ and how will this help the effort?

During these times where emergency workers are absolutely key fighting COVID-19. Security Staff who undertake roles that are essential to supporting law and order have the potential to reduce demand on policing and therefore dramatically help the effort to fight COVID-19. In other words, security officers provide a step before the police need to be called, and therefore police officers resources will be less stretched.

By adopting this approach, our industry is able to support the emergency services, and indirectly the NHS, by allowing them to focus on their key role to the public and the wider community.


Tim Ward-Barber Retires after 19 Years’ Service
Tim Ward-Barber Retires after 19 Years’ Service

Tim joined Risk Management in March 2001 and was assigned to work at our contract with DAF Trucks.

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