Traveller Evictions In Bedfordshire

Traveller Evictions In Bedfordshire

In a world of change and an environment where many organisations are looking at more cost-effective solutions, Risk Management Security Services is able to provide a complete security package for clients within Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire by combining many of our individual services such as Security Guarding, Keyholding, Alarm Response, Patrol Services and Security Systems.

Through the correct integration of different security services and site procedures, a combined solution very often provides our customers with an increased level of security whilst reducing the overall security expenditure, in some cases by over 50%.

Remote monitoring of CCTV Systems by experienced analyses experts can be provided as either a standalone service or in support of our other security services and offerings. Our professional control centre staff are able to react to incidents and initiate a response service in the event of an incident captured on your CCTV cameras 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We have many examples where we have implemented our combined security solutions package that has resulted in businesses and companies across the UK experiencing the benefits of year on year savings and obtaining a strong return on investment. This has resulted in our Combined Security packages being a popular choice for big corporations and businesses that require a hassle-free service.


Dispatch A Team Of Dog Handlers

Dog handlers to provide 24-hour security around the area that has been affected. This reduces the impact on the immediate area and provides reassurance to those working close by.

Dispatch An Enforcement Agent

Immediately following this we will dispatch our experienced enforcement agent team to serve a Notice on the travellers/groups and if necessary evict them using the Common Law procedure

We Arrange A Clean Up Operation

Once the trespassers have been removed we will arrange for a clean-up operation to be conducted through specialist cleaning teams.

We Take Preventative Measures

Once the site is empty, we can also arrange for blocks and other preventative measures to be installed.

We Can Provide Security Patrol Teams

Generally, after the eviction there is not a need for 24-hour security, however our patrol teams can provide a regular roving presence to detect early signs of unwanted activity or act as an early warning signal if trespassers do decide to return.


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